Brand New In Demoda Jewellery!!

Jane, Tess and Libby went to the Top Drawer Trade Show at Olympia earlier on in the month and found some wonderful vintage inspired handmade jewellery by a company called Demoda. At trade shows you seem to find that a lot of the jewellery is the same, and that there isn’t a lot of originality, just regurgitated designs. However when we saw the Demoda stand, we were ‘ahh’-ing and ‘oooo’-ing over their collection. The jewellery is dainty, feminine and incredibly chic. The collection features, vintage pocket clocks, roses, keys, cameos and even tea cups! We, of course, placed an order, and the jewellery is now in store and online. Check out for our range. Until then, below are a sneak preview of what we have to offer you! It is all too pretty!

<3 SS xxx

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