The 4×4 flipflop!! Fresh Cargo


The ‘Fresh Cargo’ flip flops are made in Kenya, crafted by six Maasai tribesmen. Designed in the UK, these recycled sandals are fair trade and are made using local components. The ‘wow’ factor to these flip flops are they’re tread, they’re made from disused tyres…. yes you read correctly TYRES. This means that every shoe is individual as the tread on the tyres change.

If you were looking for wearable sandals that are substantial enough to actually last a British summer, (as we all insist on wearing flip flops in the rain just because it is the summer months) then these are the shoes for you! An average tyre is supposed to last for 35,000 miles so you have a lot of walking to do…. and with the upper made from hemp, a softer, warmer, more resistant fabric, Fresh Cargo have provided the British public with a fashion forward, fair trade shoe for men and women. The men’s design is a more masculine shape in navy, red, black and brown.

It is a truly inspirational product, that aims to avoid compromising the well being of people’s lives. We all have a pair….. and are wearing them in the British summer rain!

Love SS <3




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