A warm welcome from Stuart’s Shoes!!

Hi everyone….

Theres a first for everything, and this is most definitely a first for us!┬áThis is our FIRST ever blog post… and we’re still not really sure what we’re doing, but we’re going to do it anyway (and see how far we get!)

The aim of this blog, like with most, is for us to provide an arena where we can share all news and activity of whats going down at Stuart’s Shoes, keeping you updated on as much as we can!

We work hard, but we also appreciate the benefits in some silliness. We hope we will entertain you as much as possible with our adventures…. for a small independently owned shop, you would be surprised by how much goes on… and how ridiculous some of the stories are! Ask Jan about falling into a river whilst walking her Jack Russell ‘Lucky’. Ironically there was absolutely NOTHING lucky about that situation for poor Jan! Or ask Chris to write ‘Display’… and 9 times out of 10 it will be written ‘Dipslay’…. thanks to Chris, we now take a lot of pride in our ‘Window Dipslays’!

And as for Jane…. Where do we start? Well she should of been in PR because she loves a good natter… actually shutting her up can be a very tiring mission…! (we can say that as her daughters) Needless to say not a lot of admin gets done, however when she does approach the co-ordniates of the desk and computer, it will be seconds before there’s screaming and hollering because the ‘BLOODY THING HAS FROZEN AGAIN…!!’ and with that she’ll ask ‘has anybody put the kettle on…?’ Her attention will then be focussed on her facebook app on her iPhone.

Despite all the fun and games at Stuart’s Shoes… everybody there is always very welcoming, and the kettle is nearly always on. The business has a wealth of history and everyone works very hard, particularly Jane and Chris, at providing Northampton with a traditional shoe boutique to be proud of.

We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we’re excited about starting it….

Love from all at Stuart’s…

Jane, Chris, Jan, Tina, Sharon, Tess and Libby <3

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